"Road to Victory" Album Reviews

"Overall, an addictive charge through heavy metal land, Black Knight deliver an awesome blend of traditional heavy metal and power metal." - Frenzy Fire (UK)

"One of our classic HM highlights of the year!" (85/100) - Hardrockheavymetal (IT)

"It is a release that will speak to the heart of every fan who appreciates the classic heavy metal sound." (80/100) - Metalzone (GR)

"The music on this record is right out of a time capsule from 1982." (8/10) - Reflections of Darkness (DE)

Aardschok 82/100   Arrow Lords of Metal 8.5/10 8/10   Dangerdog 4.5/5
Dead Rhetoric 8.5/10   Experience the Power 8.0/10   FFM-Rock 8/10   Frenzy Fire -/-
Hardrockheavymetal 85/100   Hard Rock Info -/-   Headbangers Lifestyle -/-   Hell Spawn 83/100
HMP 4.5/6   KOBZR Magazine -/-   Metal Bulletin Zine -/-   Metal-Experience 80/100 77/100 75/100 7.5/10 9/10
Metal Only 8/10   Metal to Infinity 87/100   Metalunderground 3.5/5.0   Metalzone 80/100 11/15   My Revelations 11/15   Obliveon 8.5/10   Power of Metal 75/100
Reflections of Darkness 8/10   Rock Castle Franken 8/10   Rock Garage 8/10   Rock Hard 7/10
RockMuZine 87/100   Rock Tribune 8/10   Roxx 2 Metal -/-   Strombringer 4.0/5.0
Streetclip 7.5/10   The Median Man 10/10   Time for Metal 8/10   ToGo -/-
Totentanz -/- 8.5/10   Via Nocturna 90/100   Wings of Death -/-
Zephyr's Odem 7.9/10

"Tales From the Darkside" Album Reviews

"Tales From the Darkside is a work that can keep up with many albums from this decade." - Hardrockheavymetal (IT) 

"With the traditional metal tag in place, you know what you're getting: soaring leads, a muscular rhythm section, classic metal vocals sung with passion, and songs that are locked into that early 80s vibe." (8/10) - Powerplay (UK) 

"Overall the composition of the songs stands the test of time very well and shows just why this album stands out for so many." (9.5/100) - The Median Man (UK) 


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Photo credits: Cindy van Stralendorff