Help Us Identify These Young Men, Please

On Waters Road, in Lodi Township near Ann Arbor, at about 6:45 pm on Tuesday evening, October 19, several young men in a black Jeep attempted to drive a woman bicyclist off the road, and also threw liquid at her. This was between Tessmer and Wagner Roads. Both vehicles were headed west.

Although she was shaken by the incident, the woman called her husband on her phone. He was at home, just over a mile west of the incident, and was able to rush out to the road and attempt to stop the Jeep. The driver, however, went off-road to avoid him, and did so once again when the vehicle ahead of it also tried to stop it. A Washtenaw County sheriff's officer came to the home and took an incident report.

He did get three photographs, however, which are below.

If you happen to have an idea of who the 3-4 young men in the Jeep are, or if you have the equipment and skills to decipher the license plate from the photo of the rear of the Jeep, please contact me at 


Here is the Jeep approaching, some faces are clearly visible.
Here is the Jeep dodging off the road.
Here is the Jeep from behind, with the truck attempting to stop it.