Free college t shirts. Cutting up old t shirts.

Free College T Shirts

free college t shirts
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Web Skull T-Shirt, Black Widow SKull Liquid Blue Full Shirt Designs, XX-Large, Black
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Day 74 Alternative: Swap Shop Booty
Day 74 Alternative: Swap Shop Booty
On Saturday night of the conference, we had a swap shop where people from each school would bring their school's stuff to swap for other stuff. The currency of the swap shop was t-shirts... since everyone had at least a few. My scavenging on the other hand yielded things here and there but the biggest thing was probably 50 random UMN lanyards... we ended up handing out stuff to people at the end, but we all came out with some good stuff. Oh, and the theme of the conference was "Pirates of Residence" so some groups got dressed up (and I can call this stuff my booty, yar). Since yesterday's 365picture was of my feet, this is just an alternative 365picture for today.
Day 338: My Time Capsules
Day 338: My Time Capsules
So even if I'm behind on posting pictures, I still use FGR for inspiration. Today was "Your Hometown" so I pulled out the yearbooks. Over the years, I've noticed similarities between high school and college (in terms of what happens, the people I know, etc), but it was still a blast to see what people wrote years ago. I'm just glad I can carry them around in 4 nice blue books.

free college t shirts
free college t shirts
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