Officers and Contacts

The Executive Command:
Lt. Commander  J. T. McConnell

Color Guard Sargent/ Quartermaster: Mark S. Randall 2011- 2015


  Commander: J. T.                                          McConnell 

  Past Adjutant 2010-2011
Member since: 2010

  2nd  Lieutenant                 Commander: 
    Richard Hudson

Member since: 2014

Chaplain and Historian:  Robert Lawrence IV

 Chaplain and Historian 2001-2013


   Member since 1999

Color Guard Sgt. / Quarter Master: 

Mark S Randall

   Member since: 2012



1st. Color Guard Sargent: Harold L. Meadows 2013-2015

1st Lieutenant Commander: 

Gordon Smith

   Member since: 2012

    James  Glenn

Member since: 2015

Treasurer / Membership/ Graves: 
Larry Payne
Member since 2001


1st. Color Guard Sargent:     
Harold L. Meadows

Member since: 1999


Please contact us if you have any questions about our mission
or would like to become part of the future that honors and preserves our heritage and history. 
 page updated 6/8/2016