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First Friday Warrenton Virginia June 3rd

Confederate Memorial Day May 29, 2016

Confederate Memorial Day

September 2016 - Brandy Station Commemoration

Marshall Cemetery Installation of Tombstone fro John T Edwards, and Southern Cross of Honor for Edwards, Pvt John Allison, and Pvt Kendall. July 17, 2016

Marshall Cemetery Installation of Tombstone and crosses July 2016

December Meeting 
Speaker Don Hackenson

 Members in Action ins Fauqier 2016

  • Assist Scouts in Repair the Ferguson Hamilton Cemetery
  • Fauquier Co Heritage Day 
  • Participated in the Brandy Station Commemoration
  • Marked two unmarked graves with tombstones. Installed three additional Southern Cross of Honor.
  • June & August First Friday Town of Warrenton
  • Anniversary Luminary for Col Mosby May 30th 
  • Confederate Memorial Service May 29th 
  • May First Friday, Town of Warrenton 
  • 2016 JROTC Hunley Awards
  • Clean up of Kelly-Payne Cemetery
  • Clean up at Newhouse Cemetery 
  • Identification of abandoned Arlington Cemetery Tombstones for Reclamation and proper disposal.
  • Installation of a replacement Southern Cross of Honor.
  • On going research and genealogy relating to confederate veterans of Fauquier County for others

May 11, 2016
JROTC 2016 Hunley Awards – left to right:
JT McConnell    Cadet Ashton Richard     Cadet Michelle Ponce    Cadet Daniel Rairgh     Scott Van Ness

Preparing Luminaries on May 28th was a team effort, at the American Legion.  Thank you men.

SCV Luminary May 30th 2016

SCV Luminary honoring the 100th anniversary of Mosby's death May 30th 2016

Induction of Bill Arrington September 6, 2016

Induction of Charles Embrey October 6, 2016

Induction of New 2nd Lt Commander Rich Hudson

Updated 12/31/2016

Certificate of Appreciation to Associate Member Bruce Raich as he heads to new life adventures.


Ferguson Hamilton Cemetery Repair Oct 17, 2016

Annual Meeting  November 2016

SCV Annual Meeting 2016