Shop + Uniforms + badges

You can get a wide range of uniforms and accessories from the Moor House Adventure Centre in Durham, DH4 6QY or at  You can also get a limited range from some major stores, e.g. Salto in Prudhoe (NE42 6PL,  01661 835 240 , or the uniform section of John Lewis in Newcastle.

A uniform is not necessary until a young person is invested, typically after 4 to 8 weeks
, when they're sure they are happy and they formally join the group.  Before you buy a uniform speak to the leader about what is essential.  Upon investment a new member is presented with their necker and woggle and the group, district and county badges which are sewn onto the right arm - see:

If upon leaving the group or transitioning between sections you wish to recycle a uniform please give it to a section leader and it will be given free to anyone who asks.  On moving up e.g. beavers to cubs etc, you can sew badges earned in previous sections onto a camp blanket.