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scuba equipment singapore
    scuba equipment
  • The fundamental item of diving equipment used by divers is scuba equipment, such as the aqualung or rebreather. There are other important pieces of equipment that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient.
  • A scuba set is an independent breathing set that provides a scuba diver with the breathing gas necessary to breathe underwater during scuba diving. It is much used for sport diving and some sorts of work diving.
  • the capital of Singapore; one of the world's biggest ports
  • a country in southeastern Asia on the island of Singapore; achieved independence from Malaysia in 1965
  • an island to the south of the Malay Peninsula
  • A country in Southeast Asia that consists of the island of Singapore (linked by a causeway to the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula) and about 54 smaller islands; pop. 4,353,000; capital, Singapore City; official languages, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English
scuba equipment singapore - Princeton Tec
Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water Sports Light Set Dive Diver Divers Light Lite Snorkeling Gear Equipment Authorized Dealer Full Warranty, Blue
Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Water Sports Light Set Dive Diver Divers Light Lite Snorkeling Gear Equipment Authorized Dealer Full Warranty, Blue
This Princeton Tec ULTIMATE DIVE SET is TOP NOTCH Quality. This Super set features: SHOCKWAVE II: THE ULTIMATE PRIMARY LIGHT Power up from 7.5 watts to 15 watts with the flip of a switch. Designed with the ever changing light output requirements of diving in mind, the Shockwave II offers divers the flexibility of choosing the required amount of light for every aspect of their dive TORRENT XENON: THE MUST HAVE MULTI - PURPOSE LIGHT The 7.5 watt Torrent Xenon is compact and bright. The switch with its locking mechanism is easy to use even with gloves on, and will prevent accidental switching on of the light. The 4 o-ring seal, 2 on the switch and 2 on the lens cap, will prevent water leakage. The Torrent Xenon is the multi purpose dive light you will want to take on every dive. ECO FLARE: PERSONAL LOCATOR LIGHT A vital part of any outdoor enthusiast's equipment bag, the Eco Flare can be set on constant, high-output, incandescent mode for use as an area/personal locator light, or on flashing, red Ultrabright LED mode for low-visibility, dark nights. The Ultrabright LED will burn in excess of 500+ hours on 2 AAA alkaline batteries. The Eco Flare can also be attached to your dog's collar for easy identification in low light conditions. FULL MANUFACTURER?S WARRANTY!!! This Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set is a fantastic versatile set. Super for all diving needs.

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10 things about me. Tagged by AlishaV :) To the people I tagged, hopefully you can share 10 things about you too. 1. I love cats - always have and always will 2. I love to travel and if I could I would be traveling all the time :D 3. I lived in Singapore for almost a year thinking that it was the right thing to do (career wise) but realized that being home is where I really belong 4. I have a hard time dealing with most people in real life and prefer talking to them online... not that I am difficult but it's just that I am awfully shy. But I feel blessed having great friends who tolerate my loner tendencies :) 5. I work from home and spend almost 12-18 hours online everyday. I plan to reduce my computer use soon. 6. I am not fashionable and if I could I would spend all day wearing pajamas. I am also not very concerned about my physical appearance (to the disappointment of my mom) I buy clothes that look the same. I have 5 black shirts that are identical. 7. I've gone scuba diving but I don't think I will again ever. Though it was beautiful, I was scared the whole time. 8. I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Painting but have not painted in years (walls not included :P) 9. I like doing house chores and buying cleaning equipment 10. I plan to build a home for stray and abandoned cats someday :)
Learning to SCUBA
Learning to SCUBA
SCUBA lesson at the pool at Lyford Cay. Julian, Patrick

scuba equipment singapore
scuba equipment singapore
Cressi Sub Moby XL Scuba Equipment's Bag
Large backpack with wide range of accessories and quality finishes. It is made from a new 300/400 denier material that is light yet very strong. The main compartment opens on three sides allowing easy access. Inside there are two adjustable containment belts, with Fastex buckles and a flat zip up pocket for documents. On top of the main compartment there are two large zip up pockets. On the long sides there are two generous fin pockets. The one on the right has a large cloth (113 x 100 cm) that can be used as a handy surface when dressing on sand. There is also a small pocket for an address tag. The reinforced pull handle is telescopic and fully retractable. The wheels have a large diameter and can be removed and easily replaced in the event of breakage. There are two carrying handles: a reinforced one at the top and one with Velcro closure at the bottom. There are also two adjustable, padded, straps for carrying on the back that can be placed in special pockets when the backpack is being forwarded. In the lower part of the backpack there are two drainage holes for water and the back of the bag houses supporting rods to keep the Moby XL in a vertical position. All the zips are very strong YKK

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