True single door freezer : Refrigerator system.

True Single Door Freezer

true single door freezer
    single door
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  • A device for making frozen desserts such as ice cream or sherbet
  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time
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true single door freezer - True T-series
True T-series Reach-in Freezer W/ 1-glass Swing Door, 23 Cubic Ft - T-23FG
True T-series Reach-in Freezer W/ 1-glass Swing Door, 23 Cubic Ft - T-23FG
True t-series reach-in freezer w/ 1-glass swing door, 23 cubic ft the true left hinged glass door reach-in freezers are designed with the highest quality materials and parts that provide colder temperatures, lower utility costs, and food safety. true uses 300 stainless steel, the finest available, for fewer scratches and dents. the door is made from energy efficient double pane thermal glass. this refrigerator holds temperatures to -10°f for the best food preservation. this refrigerator offers the convenience of a "no-stoop" lower shelf and storage on the top of the cabinet. there is a lifetime guarantee on the door hinges and torsion closure system. width: 27" depth: 29-3/4" height: 78-3/8" weight: 355 lbs 23 cubic feet 300 series stainless steel nsf-7 compliant ecomate insulation zero ozone depletion (odp), zero global warming potential (gwp) cfc free r404a refrigerant refrigeration system holds temperatures to -10°f automatic defrost system lifetime guaranteed door handle 5 year compression warranty self-closing glass swing door 3 adjustable pvc coated shelves no-stoop lower shelf unit is pre-wired for 115/60/1 phase 15 amp outlet made in the usa model #: t-23fg 442584

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Door Pulls - Zebrawood
Door Pulls - Zebrawood
These door pulls were fashioned to be used either side by side on two doors or on both sides of a single door. I used brass bolts and brass tubing for mounting. Size - .5 x 3 x 5.5"
Warm soft single door
Warm soft single door
LX5 - March 2011 Hand-held. Love the soft light from the street lamp and the way it turns into darkness.

true single door freezer
true single door freezer
Hook Over - Reversible Over the Door Hooks - Black by Design Ideas
The Hook Over Reversible Hooks by Design Ideas are innovatively designed closet accessories. One side of these reversible overdoor hooks is designed to fit any door of 1 3/4? thickness whereas the other side can fit on doors or cubicle walls that measure 1 2/5? in thickness. These over the door hooks feature strong plastic construction and do not require any mounting hardware for installation. This makes them simple to use. The design of these hooks allows them to be fixed over the door without coming in the way of its closing smoothly. These attractively designed over door hooks are available in sets of three.