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Dahlias Wedding Bouquet

dahlias wedding bouquet
  • A tuberous-rooted Mexican plant of the daisy family, cultivated for its brightly colored single or double flowers
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  • (Dahlia (horse)) Dahlia (1970–2001) was an American-bred Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racehorse who won major races in France, England, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. She was extremely popular with racing fans because she frequently competed with male horses.
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Encyclopedia of Dahlias
Encyclopedia of Dahlias
Known for their bright colors and dramatic forms, dahlias are enjoying a surge of popularity in today's gardens. From "pompons" to "waterlilies" few flowers can boast such a variety of choices for every garden and gardener.

In this delightful and profusely illustrated encyclopedia, noted hybridizer and nurseryman Bill McClaren provides an authoritative account of garden-worthy dahlias for every garden design. Nearly 700 selections are included, complete with notes on their history, awards, and cultural peculiarities. Additional chapters on dahlia care and propagation, dahlia species in nature, hybridizing, and showing dahlias add to this well-rounded overview. Thorough appendices with resources on dahlia societies, nurseries, and gardens complete the book.

Gardeners at every level will appreciate the author's clear and useful explanation of the classification schemes for dahlias, which can often intimidate even determined enthusiasts. Every dahlia lover will gain years of reference and enjoyment from Bill McClaren's definitive encyclopedia.

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Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet
Roses, Dahlias, Stock, Freesia, Tulips, Calla Lily, and Ranunculus. I used a large straight handle "wedding belle" w/oasis to hold the design of the bridal bouquet. I always use a clear tall vase to hold the bouquet while in the process of designing. If you lay it down this gives the oppty for it to get crushed. Plus, this allows any water from the oasis to drain down the handle before wrapping with ribbon. Before beginning the assembling of the bouquet I use floral lock spray to adhere leaves to the bottom of the bouquet. I use two rubber-bands to hold the cut stems onto the handle and then make sure the french braiding covers the rubber-bands. I used decorative corsage pins on two of the french braids, they coordinated with rhinestones on the bride's gown.
wedding Flowers - August 2010
wedding Flowers - August 2010
Bride's bouquet for the lovely Vanderhouff Wedding. I am a florist in Luray, VA, and this was the most recent of bouquets...More and More and More to come! I was excited to use Late summers into fall flowers, yes maybe a little early.... but its my favorite time of year so I won't complain!

dahlias wedding bouquet