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Small Floor Jack

small floor jack
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Kitten days are no more.
Kitten days are no more.
I realized this week that Jack and Ennis are no longer kittens, as they're officially a year old. This photo was taken at the very beginning of last June, in our old apartment. Jack's favorite spot to sit was behind Patrick's head so he could look out the window. At the time, he was only about seven weeks old, and too small to balance himself up there without someone sitting in the chair. (He was definitely the runt of the litter) Yesterday he clambored out onto our second floor deck (the first time he's ever been outside the house) and jumped up in a pine tree that overhangs the deck. I was so scared that he was going to fall out of the tree and crash two stories down - or worse that he would get scared and run through the wrought iron fence into the neighbor's yard and be faced with her four standard sized poodles. He was fine ... though my nerves were shot. That chair now sits in Patrick's office - in front of a window with a view of the backyard. Jack's favorite place to sit is still on top of that chair - watching the world scurry by. I miss them being kittens, but they're such sweet, loving cats. Completely unlike any animal I've ever had before.
bedside reading
bedside reading
The crate of books beside the bed. Not the only reading material there -- there's usually a stack of comics, and another pile of old-school small paperbacks nearby, and a couple of oversize hardcovers on the floor -- but this is what I have at hand for emergencies. Jonathan Shute [obscure, but brilliant] Humane Society Erik Larson The Devil In The White City Franz Kafka Diaries Mary Roach Packing For Mars Fredric Brown Here Comes A Candle Babette Rosmond Robert Benchley: His Life And Good Times Roshi Philip Kapleau The Three Pillars Of Zen Dashiell Hammett Nightmare Town Sam Harris The End Of Faith Jack Black [NOT the actor] You Can't Win Lee Kennett Sherman: A Soldier's Life Alexander Theroux The Strange Case Of Edward Gorey James Thurber The Thurber Carnival Actually, I just finished Here Comes A Candle, if you want to suggest a replacement.

small floor jack
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