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Good Charlotte Dancefloor Anthem

good charlotte dancefloor anthem
    dancefloor anthem
  • "Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want to Be in Love)", known as "Dance Floor Anthem" on the album, is a song by Good Charlotte on their fourth album, Good Morning Revival (2007). It is the second single from Good Morning Revival in North America and Australia.
    good charlotte
  • Good Charlotte is an American pop-punk band from Waldorf, Maryland that formed on April 1, 1996. They took their name from the children's book called "Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage," written by Carol Beach York.
  • Good Charlotte is the name of the self-titled debut album by Good Charlotte released in 2000. It contains the song "Little Things". The album was positively received.

Phoebe Ryan's Diary
Phoebe Ryan's Diary
Teehee, Me here?!?! Read my diary but don't tell anyone, Pinky-swear! Dear Diary, BLAAAAAAAH!!!! Im soooo random. School was ok. But I rather spend some time with my BFFs than working on test and projects. I daydreamed about that New Years Party. I still remember dancing around to Mariah Carey's New Years Eve Anthem. I love counting down to 2011. hehe, I decided to pull out my music player and listen to some music and draw in my notebook. After I finished my drawing, the bell rung. Phew, I ran up to my friends and we hanged and chatted for a while and Jade's dad drove us home! I love Jade since she is sooo sweet and rich. But sometimes, she can get a little bit.....annoying since she's rich and stuff. LOL Dear Happy-O-Diary, Dinnertime at a fancy restaurant! I kept jumping around shouting FOOD!!!!!!!! Cleo and Leora yelled at me to shut up. What bossy boots! Anyways, I wore my cute little navy blue gown with a white feather boa. It was adorable. When I went into the bathroom to fix my hair with Kumi, I heard a horrified scream in Cleo's bedroom. She ran out in her dress and tripped. I knew it was Roxxi who did it but didn't say a word. When we were all ready, I was talking with Carrie, Joelle, and Kumi and didn't bother seeing Cleo fitting her GIGANTIC dress in the car. Deuce yelled out to get in the car and we drove to a fancy restaurant. We sat down and order our food. I sat with my besties, Joelle, Carrie, and Kumi and I ordered a pasta with shrimp. I ate it and didn't even realize that Carrie left and Cleo ruining the night. Jade came by our table and told us where Carrie was. None of us replied so Me, Jade and Joelle waited by the door and we found Carrie running in. We refused when she was feeding some doggies she found in the streets. I then noticed that Cleo was screaming at a chef and Roxxi and I ran into the kitchen and pulled her out of there. We decided to leave and when we arrive home, All 9 of us discussed about Cleo's behavior. Luckily, I'm not going to be in her shoes and never will be......EVER! Dear Diary, Sunday morning, Nothing to do but sleep. I woke up with everybody else and we had breakfast. Yeah, yeah blah blah blah. To make this shorter, I hanged with Kumi and Joelle and we went to the park. When we were talking, I got hit by a frisbee and almost yelled til this cute blond guy came and picked me up. EEEEK, He was sooooo cute and helped me up. It was soooo hot like I was alone in the park with him. He even gave me his number. Sigh, he left with his frisbee and Kumi and Joelle tried to help me snap out of it. I didn't know where I was going cuz I was about to get hit by a car but It stopped and ran into another car. I didn't even noticed til I got home. ^_^ BEST DAY EVER!!!!! Dear Diary, BFFs are sooo important. I love hanging with Kumi cuz she always put a smile on my face. Carrie and Joelle are sooo sweet since Carrie teaches me how to take care of animals and Joelle helps me with school. I used to be friends with Leora but she started hanging around with Cleo and Cleo always insults me about my fashion and style. We use to be like BFFs in a pod. Kinda Sad a little............ Dear Diary, Dance Dance Nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deuce just scored V.I.P. passes for all of us. I pulled out my skinny jeans with a black T-Shirt with black heels. We arrive and I zoomed out of the car and grabbed my friends and ran inside to the dancefloor. I danced and then, I heard a cracked. I looked down and noticed something black on the floor. I picked it up and noticed that It belonged to me. I ran to the restroom and noticed that it was my heel. I seem to broke it while I was dancing and I tried to fix it. Draculaura, Jade, and Roxxi came in and Roxxi fixed my heel. Well she broke my other one so I had to wear them as flats -_-* Anyways, there was a match with my friends and it was Me, Jade, and Carrie V.S. Roxxi, Kumi, and Joelle. We danced the night out til we were worn out. My team won and we danced around soooo joyfully. When we came home, I couldn't stop remembering the night. Oh and my heels, well I threw them out since they broke by my sister >:P Dear Joyfully Diary ^_^ Me and Roxxi were thinking of having a cookout and we told our parents. They said yes unless it wont take all night. We ran to our room and called everybody!!!!!!!! When the cookout started the next night, Deuce cooked some steaks while Draculaura made some sushi. I picked meat and sushi n my plant. Hello? You need everything to generate your body. After the dinner, My mom came out with a Cookie and Cream cake and a Chocolate cake. I love the cake!!!!!!! We drove later to a hill and watched the nightsky. We drove home about an hour later and everyone spent the night in Roxxi's RAD basement XP I slept and never woke up. Except I needed the bathroom and it was impossible to get to it since its dark and you don't know what you are stepping on whether its a bug or Cleo's hand. haha All about my info :D Name-Phoebe Ryan Age-1
Total Science - Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) & Paul Smith (Spinback)
Total Science - Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) & Paul Smith (Spinback)
Total Science - Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) & Paul Smith (Spinback) The pair first met in 1987, both living in and around the Blackbird Leys estate in Oxford, England and brought together through a mutual love of hip-hop and school girls. Greenhalgh was the first into the studio, with "Freestyle Fanatic" launching his career in 1991. However it was the establishment of the Legend imprint and specifically Greenhalgh’s "Champion Sound", which really took their profile above and beyond the slew of anonymous white labels that were dominating the music at the time. In 1994, the pair started recording together under the name Funky Technicians, with "Got to Believe" the first in a series of records which pushed the label away from the fizzling darkside movement and more towards the epic string sections and rolling beats which started to appear on labels like Basement, Lucky Spin and Good Looking. After six years of recording singles for Legend and others, the pair established the CIA label and changed their name to the now familiar Total Science guise in the closing months of 1997, with the help of Brillo from Timeless. The release of their Silent Reign EP for Goldie's Metalheadz breathed a new lease of life into the project, and the pair achieved a further boost with a well-timed Bad Company remix of "Champion Sound" which conjured further interest in what they were doing with their own label. Their debut album Advance exposed a further field of interest, with down-tempo experiments logged as a series of "Breaks" on the majority of their early EP's extended to some superb deep house, this breadth was taken a step further with their Skin Deep imprint which has forged broken beat to considerable acclaim. The pair’s pioneering of a revival in old-school sounds and arrangements, together with Digital and Reinforced, dominated drum & bass throughout 2001. After this followed releases on high-profile labels such as 31 Records, True Playaz, Reinforced and Soul:r. 2000 saw the founding of CIA’s sister label Advanced, created as a means to keep up with the high level of production output from the duo and their confederates, for which one label was no longer enough. Following from this came the renowned Sektor series on Advanced. Initially created as a way of combining up-and coming artists with those more established, the series was also developed as a means to stress the importance more on the music than the artists. Featuring artists such as Baron, Digital, D.kay, Lee, Juju, Beta 2 and Klute, the Sektor series included seminal tracks such as “Squash”, and the ever popular “Champion Sound” remix. During 2003 the pair spent a significant part of the year promoting their music to all parts of the world, touring the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Brazil. During this year CIA and Advanced became more focused on showcasing other artists and nurturing the profile of then-up-and-coming producers such as Beta 2, Zero Tolerance, Friction, Mathematics and Baron-whose remix of Total Science's Nosher became without a doubt one of the year's biggest dancefloor stormers, pioneering the jump-up resurgence of 2003. With a new found musical focus- marked by a new studio setup, 2004 was used to up the output quality alongside re-launching their dormant hip-hop/soul imprint - Skin Deep. In true Total Science fashion of never binding oneself to one particular musical form, they released tracks on Creative Source, Defunked and Metalheadz alongside pushing a string of lucrative 12"s on their own labels: Advanced & C.I.A, of which 'No 1.Sound' on C.I.A and 'Defcon 69' on Metalheadz achieved anthem status. 2005 was cataclysmic for this pioneering production outfit, after one year of a new studio setup, they were back on top, producing top class music that was desired by everyone. C.I.A and Advanced witnessed the release of an array of tracks from talented producers such as Juju's 'Mojohand/Nomad', Calibre & Zero Tolerance's 'Diamonds and Pearls' and State of Mind's 'State of Mind Experience:Chapter 1/2 whilst Q-Project's 'Ask Not' and Total Science's 'Greatest thing' stormed their way through the UK dance charts. Later on in the year, Q-Project signed 'Bang Out', 'Uprising VIP' and 'In for a Penny, In for a Pound' to Creative Source, Liquid V and Bingo, announcements followed by news that Q-project was to sign to Hospital Records marking the start of some interesting solo projects, illustrated in the popular 'Hello My name is Q-Project' EP release. The action and buzz surrounding Q-Project and Total Science collectively during 2005 put them in serious demand from promoters worldwide, obtaining them a long list of gigs all over England and Europe, not forgetting to mention the scoring of a prime-time New Years Eve set in New Zealand and a U.S.A tour lasting three weeks. With a third album: 'Mars Needs Total Science' on the horizon, 2006 will play witness t

good charlotte dancefloor anthem
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