Speaking to Inform

Speaking to Inform

ASP#1 - The Speech to Inform - "Why Put it out There?", Oct 11, 2007, ACT-Henlin

Internet and blogging would be the theme of this speech. As I've been familiar with these topics, I might as well talk about them. Would the audience be interested? You betcha! A few already expressed interest even before. I realize though that the title is not the least indicative of the topic which is "why publish on the web?".

ASP#2 - Resources for Informing - "Blog Basics: Layout", Oct 18, 2007, ACT-Henlin

Jumping off from the internet and blogging theme, I wrote this piece to discuss the details of blog layouts. Since it was difficult to abstractly talk of a physical layout, I used printed visual aids from a sample blog to discuss the main components of the blog's layout. I also went into the definition of some blog terms like widgets (windows gadgets), site statistics counters, etc. The audience found it educational.

ASP#3 - The Demonstration Talk - "The Eggbeater Kick", Nov 8, 2007, ACT-Henlin

I returned to a familiar theme for this speech project and that is swimming. I had wanted to demo the backstroke but my sore left shoulder prevented me. And so I spoke and gave a demo of the most efficient treading technique called the eggbeater kick. As it was impossible to really show it, I showed a video clip to show all the parts of the kick working together. This demo entailed plenty of gestures and specific body movements which the audience found entertaining if not amusing.

ASP#4 - A Fact-Finding Report - "Drowning Prevention", Nov 15, 2007, ACT-Henlin

Thanks to a nice article from the Philippine Pediatric Society, I was able to talk of drowning statistics that otherwise may not be available. It's tough to get relevant and updated numbers. Although I could have, I chose not to show visuals as I only had a few statistics. Here's one speech where the conclusion tied effortlessly with the introduction.

ASP#5 - An Abstract Concept - "Food for the Dead", Nov 23, 2007 - Cummins (Demo Meeting)

This project was a tough nut to crack. It took me quite a while to finally choose among several topics: "what if Jose Rizal wasn't captured and escaped to Cuba", "Tomorrow's Jobs", "The 4th Dimension" and this one. And I wasn't so sure if the topic was abstract enough and would qualify. But hey, it's the District Governor herself (Gina Mapua) who evaluated me and gave me a "go!". All Soul's Day was only a few weeks ago and so the timing was excellent!  I connected with the audience when I described my son Renz's birthday party at age 5.  Again, here's one speech where the Conclusion ties up beautifully with the Opening.