Persuade with Power

Speech Project 9 from the Competent Communication Manual


Today we are bombarded by persuasive messages.  Advertisements try to persuade us to buy a particular brand of soft drink, coffee or antacid.  Salespeople try to persuade us to buy an automobile, a personal computer or a cellular phone.

Executive Summary:

The ability to persuade people – getting them to understand, accept and act upon your ideas – is a valuable skill.  Your listeners will more likely be persuaded if they perceive you as credible, if you use logic and emotion in your appeal, if you carefully structure your speech and if you appeal to their interests.  Avoid using notes because they may cause listeners to doubt your sincerity, knowledge and conviction.


  • Persuade listeners to adopt your viewpoint or ideas or to take some action.
  • Appeal to the audience’s interests.
  • Use logic and emotion to support your position.
  • Avoid using notes.

Time: Five to seven minutes

For more details on this speech project, see the Competent Communication Manual from Toastmasters International.

The Competent Communication Manual

You may be more comfortable communicating by electronic mail or telephone than in person.  Speaking to large or small groups, or even one-to-one, may intimidate or frighten you.  Yet good communication skills are vital if you want to be successful.  Corporate leaders say that the ability to communicate well orally is one of the most important skills their recruiters look for in job candidates.  Businesses want people who express themselves clearly and confidently, and are persuasive and comfortable communicating with a wide range of people, from top executives to assembly-line workers.