About Me

Who Am I?

Hi!  I’m Les Aquino and I write the speeches in this website (http://speeches.blackdovenest.com).  I’ve been a Toastmasters member since 2006 and I served as the VP-Public Relations for the ON Semiconductor Toastmasters Club in the same year. 

With active members and officers resigning and declining club attendance, the club folded in 2007.  I transferred to the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club in the same year and have been a member ever since. 

The speeches I write in this site are actual speeches that I delivered as a Toastmaster.  Wherever possible, I also include pictures of props that were used.

Why Do I Write My Speeches?

Some Toastmasters I know do not write their speeches.  At most, they only have a bullet outline of the speech on paper.  I’ve also taken that route before since the structure or outline of the speech is all that is needed to give a speech.  However at my age, I tend to forget the intended content when I wrote the outline. :)  So I just write the speech in full! 

The intention is not to memorize the speech although that inadvertently happens sometimes.  For me, the best reason for writing speeches is to further improve the speech before delivery.  How can you effectively incorporate your updates, additions and deletions to the speech without documenting them?  By having the the final written version before delivery, you can be assured that that version has already undergone all the edits you wanted.

Why Do I Put Them Online?

When I was starting out as a Toastmaster, I had difficulty putting the speeches together.  Although the manuals give the specific speech objectives and guidelines, the sample speeches that I researched through the Internet gave me ideas on how to approach a speech project.  Even today, I still do that with the advanced projects.  Surprisingly, the sample speeches not only gave me invaluable ideas, some inspired me as well to further continue in my Toastmaster journey. 

We are fortunate that there are Toastmasters out there who are kind enough to post their own speeches in the Worldwide Web.  Writing speeches in this little repository of the Internet is my own way of “giving-back” to the community of Toastmasters that has benefited me before.    

How Can You Benefit?

Simply read the speeches.  Speeches here may not perfectly address all the Speech Project objectives but some are pretty close.  By reading them, you’ll get some ideas of your own, either with the content, style or delivery.  Feel free to adapt the material for your own speeches.  I only ask that you cite the source (Blackdove Speeches) if you copy the material verbatim.  Also, be sure to click on the Speaking and Toastmasters links that are spread all throughout my pages.  You may find them useful and get some interesting tidbits.  

And finally, if the speeches here do inspire you to continue writing and delivering Toastmasters speeches, then this site would have achieved its objectives.  Thanx for visiting and do come again!  Maraming Salamat po!