The By-Mistake Guide to Norfolk

200 page paperback
 125mm x 195mm 
Black and white illustrations throughout
ISBN 978-0-9565672-4-6

'It's a really fun read, as well as a useful 
(and sometimes hilarious) guide to the riches Norfolk has 
to offer - every back seat should have one!' 
David Bedford Author of The Team series for children

'Pevsner for kids'
Hugh Aldersey-Williams

THE BY-MISTAKE GUIDE TO NORFOLK: Demon Dogs, Dragons & Ducks
by Jim
(assisted by Caroline Davison)

Short listed for 2012's EDP-Jarrold East Anglian Book Awards in the Travel & Guide Books category. 

The By-Mistake Guide to Norfolk is a travel guide with a difference! 

It’s a fun fictional romp through the countryside written by ten-year-old Jim, who describes his adventures during a year of family outings in the county. Along the way he sees wildlife spectaculars, some really smelly funghi, fantastic castles and forts, demon dogs, dragons and ducks! 

Jim says, ‘You can follow in my footsteps as I explore spooky castles, parping windmills, and smelly bogs. And I don’t just mean in your imagination. You can actually visit these places and get pooed on by a knot, see a ghost, and swim with seals, just like me!’ 

The Guide offers ideas for things to do in Norfolk throughout the year and focuses on some of the less well known places that are either free or very low cost. Even in the depths of winter, whether you're visiting Norfolk or if you live there, you and your family will be able to get out into the countryside and see something amazing! 

'I laughed out loud!' Sian Hogarth, Learning Officer, Swaffham Museum

For 8-12 year olds. Maps and information on the places mentioned in the book are available at The By-Mistake Guide to Norfolk