Back catalogue

This is a list of our previous publications which are currently out of print.
  • East Anglia: A Literary Pilgrimage Peter Tolhurst (1996) Foreword: Elspeth Barker
  • Wessex: A Literary Pilgrimage Peter Tolhurst (1999) Foreword: Ronald Blythe
  • Roger Fry: Art & Life Frances Spalding (1999)
  • A Broad Canvas: Art in East Anglia since 1880 Ian Collins (1999)
  • Ravilious in Public (2002) Foreword: Frances Spalding
  • A Distant Cry: Stories from East Anglia (2002) Foreword: Louis de Bernieres
  • Line Dancing: Stories from East Anglia (2003) Foreword: Julie Myerson
  • The Assassin Ronald Blythe (2004)
  • Chaldon Herring: Writers in a Dorset Landscape Judith Stinton (2004)

  • Borderland Ronald Blythe (2005)
  • Making Waves: Artists in Southwold Ian Collins (2005) Foreword: Ronald Blythe
  • A Dorset Utopia: The Little Commonwealth and Homer Lane Judith Stinton (2005)
  • Dorset Stories Sylvia Townsend Warner (2006)
  • Dead Men Talking: Stories from East Anglia (2007) Foreword: D.J. Taylor
  • Field Work: Selected Essays Ronald Blythe (2007)
  • Somerset Sylvia Townsend Warner (2007)
  • Outsiders: A Book of Garden Friends Ronald Blythe (2008)
  • Knowing Your Place: East Anglian Landscapes & Literature Peter Tolhurst (ed) (2009) Foreword: Richard Mabey
  • Aftermath: Selected Writings 1960-2010 Ronald Blythe (2010) Foreword: Richard Mabey
  • At Helpston: Meetings with John Clare by Ronald Blythe. Illustrations by Mary Newcomb (2011)