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Jill Merlin

Picture in your mind the mid- to late- 80s. Indy cars still had one circuit, NASCAR was only popular in the South, rock bands were producing schmaltzy ballads and chicks couldn't get their hair big enough. During this time there were two sisters in their early 20s and hair wasn't their concern. They were busy building half a dozen enduro cars per year and running them at Baylands Raceway on the 1/3 mile dirt oval in Fremont, CA. The older sister, Sonja, went on to win Rookie of the Year honors in a late model modified car at 
Stockton 99 Speedway's 3/8 mile paved oval.

As you know, racing runs in the blood. The younger sister, Jill, longed for the day to get back into a dirt track car. A year after her father recovered from a heart attack in late 2006, he mentioned that he and his buddies would like to build a dirt car. Jill decided she wasn't a spring chicken and decided it was now or never. Four years later, Jill is still enjoying the track with her dad and his buddies!  Look for Jill racing in her #15 Black Cat Racing Bitchin’ Camaro (American Stock) at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA!

Jill and Her Dad

A great article about Jill, highlighting Black Cat Racing and Street Survival.

Near and dear to Jill's heart, Save Ocean Speedway.