In my own personal researching on the web and through Yorksgen (click here to subscribe to Yorksgen) I came across the mention of 'Hearts of Oak' - "A study of the Recusancy in the Moorlands of NorthEast Yorkshire 1569 to 1840" - author J.L. O'Connor (deceased). I contacted Michael Hutchinson, who is in possession of a copy of the manuscript and has had personal contact with the author. Michael corresponded with Mr O'Connor and his family, receiving permission to transcribe this works to the web.
Unfortunately I have not been able to upload the many photographs in the text due to the quality of the photocopy. If at a future time I am able to access these photos, I will add them.
Non of the following is my own research, I am just the transcriber which I have done to the best of my ability.
I would also like to thank Colin Hinson for his input on copywrite.

Copyright 1999.
Genealogists may use the information provide here freely.
This manuscript, and the information it provides may not be copied for commercial use of any kind.
On 08/25/00 John Pearson sent me the following message:
"Just a short message, you may not yet be aware that Leslie O'Conner passed away Saturday 20th August and was buried at Egton yesterday. His wife Marjorie was my fathers sister. My father being Tom Pearson. Best regards John Pearson Skelton in Cleveland"
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