Step 5: Assignments

How Will You Know What Your Assignments Are? 
How Will You Turn Them In?

(Using Microsoft Office)

Your assignments and all other course information will be found in the online classroom (Blackboard). How your assignments are delivered and how you submit them will vary from class to class depending on your instructor.

Viewing Your Assignments - Some assignments will be HTML documents that can be read with your web browser (like you are reading this page), others will be documents created with a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation software.

Submitting Your Assignments - Assignments must be submitted in a file format that can be read by your instructors. Each course will have its own specific requirements, but generally documents that can be read by the Microsoft Office software are required.

In most courses, Microsoft WORKS, WordPerfect, Wordpad, and Notepad WILL NOT WORK for viewing or submitting assignments. Please check your instructor's requirements!!

Microsoft Office is a free download for TCC students.

  • Login to Blackboard
  • Go to Organization tab
  • Search for: software
  • Click Enroll button and follow on-screen instructions