Weight Grades

Blackboard allows you to weight grades by category or by column; it's most common to weight by category.  For example,  Projects = 20%, Assignments = 30%, Tests = 30% and Participation = 20%  of the total grade.  Blackboard will calculate the weight for each broad category no matter how many grades are in each individual category.

Weighting by category is a three step process:
1. Set up/Create the grade categories.
2. Apply the categories to the grade center columns.
3. Modify the Weighted Total column to reflect the categories and the percentage of the grade for each category.

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Set Up/Create Categories: In this step you are simply naming the categories of grades you intend to use -- for example "tests, homework, projects, etc."
Note Bb tools such as Bb Assignments, Bb Tests, and Graded Discussions will automatically have a category).

1. On the Action Bar, point to Manage to access the drop-down list.

2. Select Categories.
3. On the Categories page, click Create Category on the Action Bar.
4. On the Create Category page, type a Name and optionally, provide a Description, which can help differentiate categories and explain a category’s purpose.
5. Click Submit.

Assure Columns are Categorized
1. On the Action Bar, point to Manage to access the drop-down list.
2. Select Column Organization.   

3. On the Column Organization page, note the category of each column.  If you need to change or set a column's category - select one or more column’s check boxes.    

4. On the Action Bar, point to Change Category to… to access the drop-down list.
5. Select the category for the selected columns.

6. Click Submit to save the changes.

Modify the Weighted Total Column
(Or, create a Weighted Total column by clicking on the Calculated Column button on the action bar)

1. Click the drop arrow on the Weighted Total column heading, select Edit Column Information
2.  Scroll down to the section marked "3. Select Columns" 
3.  Hold down the CTRL Key on your keyboard, and click on the categories you want to weight.  

4.  Click the arrow in between the two columns.

5.  Set the percentage of the total for each category.   Make sure the percentages add up to 100%.

6. Select Calculate as Running Total, if needed. Running totals exempt any cells that do not contain data.

7. Select the other options 

8. Click Submit