Panopto Focus & Unison

Panopto Focus:
Use Panopto Focus to record lectures or micro-lectures, and then add them to your Bb course. You can use the same recording in multiple courses. If you focus on keeping lectures short and on concepts you can use them over many semesters, even if you change textbooks.  With Panopto you can 


Configure your new Bb courses every semester. 

This will enable students in the new section to see your videos from previous (or other) sections.

You may install the recording software on your work and home computers.
record audio and/or video along w/ PowerPoint, Screen Capture -- all of this is then added to your Bb course.

Follow the three steps below to use Panopto
Step 1 - Configure your Blackboard Course & Download the Recorder  (Windows & Mac)

Step 2:  Record your Video --select your operating system below:
Windows:  Record your video   

Step 3: Add your video to your Bb course  (Windows & Mac)

Panopto Unison - Stream your DVD or other Videos 
Unison Instructions -  Upload and stream your video files.