Blackboard Organizations are designed for use by departments for their majors or "non-academic" community groups such as committees, work groups, clubs, and teams. Access to Organization sites is based on membership, in the same way Blackboard courses are enrollment-based. 
    Organizations provide a collection of web-based tools, making it easy for group members to participate in on-line activities:

    Document sharing (papers, agendas, minutes, reports, etc.)
    Planning and administration (announcements, calendar)
    Communication (mailing lists, discussion boards, real-time chat and white board)
    Groups (communications and document sharing between members)
    On-line Surveys
    Links to other on-line resources (web pages, databases)

    A Blackboard Organization is managed by one or more leaders who can build the content of the site, and enable communications tools for the participants. Additional participants may be assigned support roles such as assistant or builder which have limited administrative privileges.  
    Bb users may access their Bb ORGS through the "My Organizations" module on the My MSU Bb screen.

Edit/Modify your Organization using the exact same procedures as you would for a Bb course!

Tour of a Bb ORG 

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