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Tests & Surveys

This page contains the following topics:

Test/Survey Question Types

NOTE:  Both tests and surveys use the same question types.  
Question Type videos:  Learn about the question types and how to created them.  You can add questions to existing tests or a new test you are currently creating.

Visit this web site for a good explanation of question types in Bb9.1

Create a New Test within a Content Area:  

Create a Test Instructions (pdf)  Full instructions for creating a test directly in a content area of your Bb course, and setting the test options.

Create a Question Pool:

Create a Questions Pool (pdf)  A question pool is a like a test bank -- it is a set of test questions. These questions can be added to a Bb Test.  (See Re-Use Question)  

Video: Create a Test from within the Bb Course Control Panel

Create  a Test Video (video demonstrates how to create a test from within the Tests/Surveys/Pools area of the Control Panel..this method has a few more steps than the one shown above)

Reuse Questions from other Tests or Question Pools:

Add a Random Block Question to the Test (video) -- Bb will randomly select a specific number of questions from a Question Pool.

Question Finder: Allows you to deliberately select questions from a Question Pool or another Bb Test. 

Build a Question Pool: A Pool is a set of questions (test bank) you can reuse on any test.  

 Creating a Test Off-Line - Using Respondus

If you would like to use Respondus to build a test off-line log on to Bb, find the Organizations Catalog on your My MSU Blackboard screen, and search for an organization called Respondus. Once you enroll in and enter the Respondus ORG, you will find the Respondus software and full instructions there.   Respondus will allow you to create a test in any of the following ways:
  1. In MS Office Word -- and converted in Respondus
  2. From a Publishers Tests bank -- accessed via Respondus
  3. Using the Respondus software itself
See the Respondus web site for detailed instructions and demo videos.

Tips for Tests

Avoid creating large exams involving many/complex questions and presented all at once. 50 questions is a lot! Consider breaking them into smaller exams taken in sequence instead.

Large exams also create much more server load when submitting to Bb.  This may lead to failures due to application overload when groups of users submit at the same time - so when taking large in-classroom exams, please stagger the submissions.

For exams with essay questions  -- allow multiple attempts!  Students who keep their browser open on a test for several hours w/o activity may experience time-out issues.  They will lose any answers on the test (unless they have been saved). 

Avoid randomized display order for exams using question-by-question display.

When using random selection of questions from pools, keep the overall exam especially short.

Encourage students to SAVE every answer as they take the test.  

View the student tutorial site here for instructions you can add to your course.

Edit a Test:

Note: you cannot add or remove questions from a test that is already available to students. Also see instructions for regrading below.
Find your test in one of your content areas.
Hover your mouse over the title of the test and click the drop arrow
Select Edit from the menu.
Make any changes to your testy
Click OK when finished.

Test Options:

 Setting Test Options: Test Options allow you to make your test available, as well as set other options such as number of attempts, timing, randomizing the question order, and feedback options.
If your course was copied from a previous semester you will see the test listed in a content area, but it will be 'grayed out.'  You will need to make your test available using the Test Options.
            1. Access the Content Area where exams are located.
            2. Drop the menu next to the test and select Edit Test Options
            3. Set the Availability to YES
            4. Set any other options needed
            5. Click Submit.
Password Protecting a Test:
You may want to set a password on a test if a student(s) must take the test after the test period is officially closed.  To set a password for the test:

  1. Access the content area where the test is located
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to the title
  3. Select Edit Test Options
  4. Make the Test available to students
  5. Scroll down and set a password for the test
  6. Click submit

Make sure you tell the student the password. 

Listing Tests: 

You can view a list of all tests within your course.  Some may have been copied from a previous semester but have never been added to a content area.
  1. Expand the Course Tools area of the control panel
  2. Select Tests/Surveys/Pools
  3. Select Tests
  4. You will see a list of all tests, where they are currently deployed as well as when they were last edited.
  5. Click the drop menu of any exam to either Edit it, Export it to your computer, or delete it from the course completely.
  6. If you would like to deploy a test you see listed:
    1. Access a content area from the course menu
    2. Click the Create Assessment  Button
    3. Select Test
    4. Select the test from the list of existing tests, and Click the Submit button
    5. You will now see the Test Options screen.  Make the test available and set any other options you need.  Click Submit when you are finished.

Import / Export a Test

Grade Center Functions
Clear a Student's Test Attempt: Clear Attempt

Re-Grade: change an answer item after student have submitted a test.  

Test Item Analysis:

Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and individual test questions. This data helps you recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance. You can use this information to improve questions for future test administrations or to adjust credit on current attempts.  Click here for details

Create a Survey

To create a survey, select the "survey" link rather than the test link from the "Create Assessment" menu. 

Surveys share the same question types as tests.  Use the instructions for test question types to set up your survey questions.

Use the same process to add questions and make the survey available as you would for tests.