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Notifications are sent to everyone who is enrolled in a course including instructors, teaching assistants, and students. Both instructors and students can choose their own notification settings through the My Places section of Bb. Some features, such as the Announcement tool will override user notification settings.  

From My Places, you can manage notification settings for all of the courses you are enrolled in. When an event occurs in the system (such as an assignment being created, submitting a survey, or an overdue test), the Notification System informs you of what you need (and want) to know using one or more of available notification methods.

The first and most important thing you need to understand about this system is that all enabled notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated event occurs. For example, when you create an assignment and makes it available, the system automatically creates the appropriate notifications, and delivers it to students.

Click My Places at the top of your Bb screen.

Click Edit Notifications Settings 

You will now see the Edit Notifications Settings page.


Edit General Settings: Defines the general notification settings such as email format, deletion schedule, and reminder schedule for courses and organizations.
Edit Individual Course Settings: Displays the current notification settings for courses in which you are enrolled. Changes to the notification settings for a specific course can be made on this page.
Bulk Edit Notification Settings: Select a set of courses or organizations to update and change thenotification settings for them in one step.
Edit Individual Organization Settings: Displays the current notification settings for organizations in which you are enrolled. Changes to the notification settings for a specific organization can be made on this page.

Select Bulk Notification Settings, click Courses I am teaching.

Under Select Course, select All.

Select Selected. Click the course in Items to Select box, click the right arrow to move the Items to Select to Items Selected

Notifications can be sent via email, mobile device, or on the Notifications Dashboard. 
You will see a list of notification events (for example Announcement Available, Assignment Available etc)
Click the On/Off check box if you want all types of notifications to be sent

 OR Click the individual event as well as the types of delivery you want.
Click Submit when finished!

(The  image (left) illustrates that students will receive a notification via the dashboard, email and mobile ONLY when an announcement is available)