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Add, Edit & Delete Files

You can add many types of files to your Bb course, including as Word Docs, PowerPoint Presentations, or PDF files. You can add files from your computer, or that you have already added to the "course files" area.

Adding an Item (i.e. a file from your computer)
1. Make sure Edit Mode is ON
2. Click a Content area (such as Course Information, Course Materials etc.) on the course menu
3.  Hover your mouse over Build Content, Select ITEM  (creating an ITEM allows you to use the text box; adding a "FILE" simply allows the file attachment)
(click to enlarge images)

Name your item... this is what students will see.  

Add Text to the Text Box: (optional)
Do NOT cut/paste from Word, as this often causes errors within the course.  The text editor enables you to directly add and format text, as well as add images and other media.

In the Attachment area, click Browse My Computer to select a file from your computer. (Select "Browse Course" if you have previously added files to your Course Files area)

Find your file.  Select OPEN to attach it.

Make sure the item is available to Users
Click Submit when finished

Manage Files (and other objects) on your Screen
Each file, folder, assignment etc. has its own drop menu. Hover your mouse over the title, then click the drop arrow.  
Use this menu to select options such as edit, delete, copy or move an item.  You can move or copy the item to another course, or another area of the current course. A file that has been added from your computer cannot be edited in Blackboard. If you need to make changes to a file that has been uploaded to Blackboard, you will need to remove the file, then re-upload it.

To reorder the items in your content area:
Click/Hold/Drag with your mouse over the up/down arrows to the left of each object.