Grade a Test

Bb exams that do not have essay, file response or short answer questions are automatically graded.  Find the scores in the Bb Grade Center.  The attached file illustrates how to view the scores, view individual test attempts, override a score and how to interpret symbols you see in the grade center.

  • If you are giving a timed exam -- Blackboard does not stop the exam at the end of the time limit.  You will see that students have exceeded the time limit on the Grade Details screen.

  • If you are giving an essay exam that spans for several hours, advise students to SAVE each question as they answer it.  Students may experience time-out issues if they leave their browser window inactive for hours.  If their browser times out they will not be able to successfully submit their answers.  If the exam allows only on attempt they will not be able to return to the exam to retake it.  You will need to clear their attempt.  Students are also advised to type their answers in Word, save the file as a TXT file, and to cut/paste the answers into the essay field on Bb.