Files Area (File Management on Bb)

View an overview video about the Course Files area.

With Course Files, instructors have access to all of their files for a specific course. You can organize, view, manage, and link to those files as suits you needs.

Course Files provides file storage on the Blackboard server for a single course. Course Files within each course displays content for that specific course, not for your other courses You can create folders and subfolders in Course Files to organize your content in a way that is logical to you.

You can move a large amount of content from your computer to Course Files in one action or upload files while creating content. Once content is in Course Files, you can link it to any place in your course where attaching files is available. 

Content in the repository is considered content for reuse. Therefore, you can delete links to files in your course, yet the files themselves remain in Course Files, where you can link to them again. Also, if you modify or move a file to another Course Files folder after it is linked in your course, the link will not be broken.

Students cannot upload files to Course Files. 

Attach a Course File to an "Item"

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