Enter LaTex equation into Blackboard.

MathJax allows you to include LaTex equations in your Blackboard site (or any web page) by inserting the following javascript code followed by the LaTex code. This is best for short mathematical expressions or single-line display equations.

To use MathJax:
1. In the Blackboard editor, temporarily disable the Visual Text Box Editor by clicking the button at the top right corner of the box. , and make sure that the text editor mode is set to HTML at the bottom of the text box .  Or click the HTML Toggle tool on the toolbar -- shown in the image below:

2. Paste this code into the text box:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/MathJax/MathJax.js?config=default"></script>

3. Enter your LaTex notation.
Surround your LaTex code with \[ ... \] for a single-line display equation, or \( ... \) for an inline expression. If you need to use a less-than sign in an equation, code it as \lt to avoid having it interpreted as the beginning of an HTML tag. Please note that dollar sign ($...$) delimiters do not work with MathJax.

4. Click Submit

Your Textbox might look something like this: