Grade 9

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Global Studies I
See below for the directions & complete summer reading assignment
Email Ms. Lyons with any questions

  1. Choose 1 belief system from list on assignment sheet
  2. Read the Description of the Belief System at the BBC website.
  3. Read at least 2 complete articles from the list below that relate to your chosen belief system.
  4. Write a 1-page typed summary - see assignment sheet for a detailed description of what your summary must include.
  5. List of sources must be included.

 Journey of Faith
National Geographic, 2001
Holy Land - Rise of Three Faiths
National Geographic, 2009 
Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Smithsonian, 2010 
Keepers of the Lost Ark
Smithsonian, 2007 
 What is Beneath the Temple Mount?
Smithsonian, 2011
Shifting Ground in the Holy Land
Smithsonian, 2006

National Geographic, 2003
National Geographic, 2009 
Smithsonian, 2011
Smithsonian, 2011

National Geographic, 2003    
Smithsonian, 2010 
Smithsonian, 2009 
National Geographic, 2008 


Required Book English 9
Free Choice Book
  • Book selection must be fiction
  • Book selection must be at or above grade level
  • Click here for some book suggestions but  titles do not have to come from the lists provided
  • Visit the Public Library - look for the summer reading display
  • Looking for alternate formats?  Overdrive from Voorheesville Public Library & Overdrive from C.A. Bouton High School Library
  • Email Mrs. McTighe with any questions

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