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New York Metro Network map for Blackberry (new version v1.2)



 It was tested in an 7100x Blackberry, and several tests on simulators for others Blackberry machines.
For machines with larger screen than 7100, the map will appear centred and will not be full screen, see 8700C screeshot bellow. This limitation is because the way the map is stored on device.
In next version I want to change this.

Key Features:
                           - Scroll support (use shift key or SPACE for horizontal scroll) NEW v1.2
                            - Only local stored maps, no GPRS trafic.
                            - Quick locator by station name
                            - FREEWARE 

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Here are some applicaton run screenshots:

 Here is the application running on a 8700C:

Package Download:

UPDATE:  Pearl (8100) version with trackball supported!
Download here:

Thank you to Alexis E Santi to test it on a real machine and for all the feedback! check hes web page:

Please consider donate if you enjoyed the application!
Contact me if you found some bug. 

Map: I used this public domain map.

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