Q:  Who can go to camp?
A:  Any practitioner of non-contact Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do whose heritage derives from Grandmaster Son directly or indirectly.
Q:  This is a black belt camp.  Are brown belts welcome?
A:  Yes!  Brown belts with their instructor's permission are welcome to attend. 
Q:  What are the age requirements for camp?
A:  Camp is a physically intense immersion experience designed for fit, experienced adults of all ages.  Mature, exceptional participants under 18 but at least 12 years old are welcomed with the following requirements:
  • Under 18 must have their instructor's permission to attend camp.
  • Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or parental approved guardian at camp.   
  • Under 18 should understand that they will be in an adult environment, and that associated standards of behavior are expected.  They should be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of being competitive with, and interacting with adults.
  • Under 18 must complete a separate agreement that documents and expands on the above requirements and conditions.  This agreement can be found through links on the Registration page.
Q:  By when must we sign up?
A:  Please sign up for camp by May 31, 2018.  We provide Susquehanna University a full list of attendees several weeks before camp so that dorm rooms can be assigned, keys issued, and individual electronic dining hall tokens can be prepared.  Additionally, we have to allow a few weeks for the production of camp T-shirts and camp coins.  Because of this, we are unable to accommodate people who do not sign up in advance of camp.
Q:  What do we wear? 
A:  We are following Chung Do Kwan traditions, therefore white pants, bare feet, and white or martial arts themed T-shirts are very much preferred, but not absolutely required.  Wearing your school's T-shirt is certainly encouraged!  Any protective equipment or appliances should be worn for medical reasons only.  Shoes are not permitted during sparring but socks are OK if blisters need protection.  Mouth guards are encouraged.  We will wear belts awarded to us by our current organizations.  Uniform tops are optional for this camp.  For camp photos during and after the last workout on Saturday, we ask that everyone please wear white pants and the camp T-shirt. 
Q:  When, where, and with whom do we check-in?
A:  Check-in is available Thursday between 6 PM and 9 PM in the Degenstein Campus Center.  Please DO NOT arrive after 11 PM!  
Q:  When do we get our room assignments?
A:  Room assignments will be given to you when you check-in.  Keys will be handed out when you check-in.
 Q:  Who is going to be at camp?

A:  Currently we do not have plans to publish a list ahead of camp.  Please see the Contacts and Daily Schedule pages for some of the key people.  There will be many opportunities to exchange contact information at camp.  Some people are stating their plans to attend on Facebook.
Q:  Who is in charge of camp?
A:  There is no single person in charge of camp;  it is a model of cooperation among friends.  The Camp Coordinator provides some services, some leadership and logistics.  Beyond that, we depend on volunteers.  Please see the Contacts page for a list of positions and services needed.  Every position is subject to rotation in future years, including Camp Coordinator.  The Contacts page lists key camp officials and advisors.   This camp is a joint, non-commercial venture;  no instructor is paid and no organization is profiting off of another.  One CPA and two independent auditors will be reviewing the camp ledger.
Q:  What should I bring to camp?
A:  A list of recommendations is attached to this page below.    
Q:  What is the weather going to be like?
A:  Weather in Selinsgrove this time of year is sunny, generally very warm and humid with a chance of rain.  It is very important to bring sunscreen and water to workouts.  There are links for the current weather on the Location page.  (Note that the dorm rooms have air conditioning - no need to bring fans!)
Q:  What is the refund policy?
A:  Your payment is refundable until June 10, 2018 less actual costs incurred.  After June 10, 2018 no refunds will be made.  If you have any concerns or changes of plans, please communicate early.  Please note that your T-shirt order must be received by May 31st in order to guaranty size and availability.
Q:  Can we just show up for the workouts if we stay in a hotel in town and provide our own meals?
A:  Sorry no, this is not permitted by the terms of our usage agreements with the university.  Additionally, our insurance coverage requires every participant to be registered and have completed a waiver before camp begins.
Q:  Will there be any weapons training at this camp?
A:  This is a traditional Tae Kwon Do camp, therefore weapons training is not included.  There are many clinics in weapons training offered by practitioners who will be at the camp.  During meals and between workouts is a great time to make connections for expanding your martial arts experience.
Q:  How do I get one of the camp coins?
A:  Step 1:  Register for camp by the deadline.  Step 2:  Attend camp.  Step 3:  Come to the Saturday night social event!

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Feb 11, 2018, 10:15 AM