All camp officials are volunteers. Each is known for their skills and ability to work well with people.
Camp CoordinatorDave Schwartzawake24hrs at msn dot com

Financial Coordinator Peggie Hyattpeghyatt at yahoo dot com
Senior Auditor Jim Goldsmithtgonh at tde dot com
Independent Auditor  Alex Honalexkhon at
Protocol DirectorJim Brady
New Camper Coordinator Barb Hauger barbhauger at gmail dot com 
Youth Coordinator Tom Hyatt
Complaint Department Chris Kellyorenstein at pobox dot com
Promotion/Test Coordinator                   Dave Schwartzawake24hrs at msn dot com
Photographer Mike Phillips/Tim Rice
Social Director for YouthsJenn Casscles
T-Shirt Coordinator Victor Alfonso, Jr
Webmaster Rod Preblerod.preble at gmail dot com
Lost and Found                 Scott Miller 
SurveysPete Michaelson gotopetem at aol dot com 
Workout Lead 1 - Friday Victor Alfonso, Jriemailvictor at gmail dot com
Workout Lead 2 - Friday Ann Dombroskimomwow58 at yahoo dot com
Workout Lead 3 - Friday Jim Bradyjbrady0354 at aol dot com
Workout Lead 4 - Saturday Pete Michaelson        gotopetem at aol dot com
Workout Lead 5 - Saturday Jimmy Woodcontactjwood at gmail dot com
Workout Lead 6 - Saturday Miranda Coppolam.coppola at atkda dot com
Workout Lead 7 - Sunday Barb Hauger
Workout Lead 8 - Sunday Chris Kellychriskelly at  patriotrestorations dot com
Positions are subject to rotation every year. If you are interested in volunteering for the next camp, please make that known to the Camp Coordinator.  Our great success comes from everyone's active engagement and positive contributions.  Thank you to camp leaders listed above, all other volunteers, and everyone who attends camp!

Black Belt Camp,
Feb 11, 2018, 10:16 AM