Chung Do Kwan practitioners with a common Grandmaster heritage came together
                                                          for three days of workouts and camaraderie on
                  Friday July 20th to Sunday July 22nd, 2012
                               A video featuring some of today's top instructors who were present at camp this year
The purpose of this weekend is to
  • Have a great workout in the Chung Do Kwan tradition!
  • Have fun renewing old friendships and making new ones
  • Continue the new model of cooperative interaction
  • Exchange ideas and concepts
This camp is
  • Uniting people in mutual friendship
  • Run by volunteers
Camp Creed
  • We are here to workout and enjoy each others' company
  • We come from different walks of life, wear different uniforms, and have different abilities, but we share a common belief in working hard
  • We support each other in achieving our personal best
                   Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do:   Strong, Effective, Respectful
                                             Please see the camp flyer attached to the bottom of this page
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