Beginning of a New Tradition!
 ... and continuation of an old one.
Chung Do Kwan practitioners with a common Grandmaster heritage are re-uniting for three days of workouts on
   Friday July 23rd to Sunday July 25th, 2010   
The purpose of this weekend is to
  • Have a great workout in the Chung Do Kwan tradition!
  • Have fun renewing old friendships and making new ones
  • Demonstrate a new model of cooperative interaction
  • Exchange ideas and concepts
This camp is
  • Uniting people in mutual friendship
  • Run by volunteers 
Recent updates
  • 7/23  Comment and reactions to camp are coming in.  Please see the Quotes and News pages.
  • 7/25  The Camp 2011 web site is now active.  It is a work-in-progress.  Registration opens in January 2011.
  • 7/26  Links to photos are posted on the Photos page.
  • 7/29  Camp survey results have been posted.
  • 10/2  Letter from a Tae Kwon Do parent.
  • 10/29  Feedback from a senior black belt.

  Paid for Camp                       125

  Facebook Count                        70

  Instructors Attending     27

 States Represented      13

 Degrees of Black Belt   324

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