Google Nemesis - DayJobKiller's Latest Release, Google Nemesis Review

What is Google Nemesis

Google Nemesis is Day Job Killer's Chris McNeeney's latest product release. As part of the product release, Chris is giving away a $1500 a day Clickbank PPC niche that you can freely duplicate. If you want to learn more visit the launch site.

Google Nemesis Q&A

by Chris McNeeney the "Day Job Killer" Himself

Trying to control the rumors being circulated about the much anticipated release of Day Job Killer's latest product - Google Nemesis, Chris McNeeney sent out an email

These are his words about Google Nemesis.


A: Google Nemsis is the answer to the question, "why can't I make money with ClickBank in 2008". It took us over $60,000 and 8 months to do it, but today we have succeeded in creating the ultimate wealth-building system. This all-in-one weapon of affiliate doom allows you to "predict" conversion rates using our 3 "hidden" indicators. It allows you to systematically locate the top PPC campaigns, and then create your own "superior clone" in minutes.

Swipe our $1500/day templates and edit them with the click of a mouse, then launch using - you guessed it -more proven templates. We have reverse-engineered a $1500/day campaign, bottled the formula, and are about to unleash it onto the `net in less than 48 hours.

Q: WHY GOOGLE Nemesis?

A: Nemesis is defined as "an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome", or "one that inflicts divine retribution and vengeance".

And frankly, there has never been a more apt name for any money-making tool or system.

As the below video shows, my Nemesis system has already *dominated* the toughest niche on ClickBank to the tune of $1500/day.

It's already generated job-killing income for a select few of my test subjects. And, since you will literally be copying a series of proven templates, you're going to profit - NOT by being smart - but by simply following clear and easy instructions.

And remember, too, that this all comes under the hallowed "Day Job Killer" brand. So, it's not about a theoretical $1 million tomorrow - it's about you making a realistic second income today.

It's about the guys who need it most having their *first* $100 day ...and getting a bit of "vengeance" and "divine retribution" along the way.


A: Frankly, given the numbers here, we were looking at a $197-297/month release price. And at that price, it would be a bargain. Expect a monthly fee lower than that - but certainly not cheap.


A: All of my previous guides have generated job-killing income for thousands of affiliates - and they will never be replaced.

What Nemesis does is this: it takes my previous methods and refines and simplifies them that even the greenest of newbies can profit.


A: Yes, watch the video. Understand that all of this is doable, these numbers ARE within reach, whether you buy or not. And, for those who take action on Tuesday,... enjoy :)

Visit the Google Nemesis Website

Need Proof? Here is the Google Nemesis Pre-Release Video

Check out this Google Nemesis Pre-Release video if you are asking yourself whether Day Job Killer is legit. Chris will give you a tour of his private multi-million dollar ClickBank accounts.

Google Nemesis video

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