Free Quilted Purse Patterns - Vintage Purse Bag.

Free Quilted Purse Patterns

free quilted purse patterns
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Crazy patch embroidery design by Joan Friedrich with purse pattern modified. I also embellished the crazy patch with yarn, beads and machine embroidery. The crazy patch red piece is an outside pocket on both sides. The lining is red with pockets inside also. The handles are 3 corded strips braided together. The side piece is free motion quilted over shrink wrap, then heated with an iron for this crinkled effect.
Reversible Hobo - Quilted Side
Reversible Hobo - Quilted Side
Quilted side of a reversible hobo bag. I drafted this pattern a while ago but this is the first time I have pre-quilted the cotton side and I really like the effect! It is quilted with a free-motion stipple and I washed and dried prior to assembling

free quilted purse patterns
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