GOLD TONE GT 750. GT 750

Gold tone gt 750. Ladies watch white gold

Gold Tone Gt 750

gold tone gt 750
    gold tone
  • An Orotone or gold tone is one of many types of photographic print which can be made from a negative. An orotone photograph is created by printing a positive on a glass plate precoated with a silver gelatin emulsion.
  • Gold, also called golden, is one of a variety of orange-yellow color blends used to give the impression of the color of the element gold.
  • Jewelry finished with a gold color with almost no appreciable measurement of weight in actual gold.
    gt 750
  • The Suzuki GT750 was a Japanese water cooled three cylinder two stroke motorcycle made by Suzuki between 1971 and 1977.
gold tone gt 750 - Gold Tone
Gold Tone GT-750 Banjitar Deluxe Banjo (Six String, Rosewood)
Gold Tone GT-750 Banjitar Deluxe Banjo (Six String, Rosewood)
Due to the enormous popularity of the original GT-500, the GT-750 was designed for optimal volume and tone. After numerous tone ring experimentations, a unique bell brass ring with a special lip was designed and chosen for its best sound. This provides more acoustic volume and excellent sustain for a six string banjo. Upgraded from the GT-500, the GT-750 features the bell brass flat top tone ring, curly maple resonator, and bound fingerboard and resonator. This model also features the Sliding Magnetic Pickup (SMP) which provides a great banjo-like tone through an amplifier. Final assembly and complete setup performed at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida.

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Gold Tone
Gold Tone
A stunning pocket radio dating from the early 60's with a gorgeous, thick reverse painted panel and bold brass name plate. Unfortunately the large cloisonne badge is missing from the bottom of the speaker grill. Written across it would have been the word EIGHT, obviously to boast about the radio's 8 transistor circuit. This is a well built little radio. Very hefty and solid. Uncertain of the model number at this time... Also found as; Harper's, Comet, Crest, Americana, Three Star, Daylite and Apollo (model TN-603). Each of these have slightly different reverse painted dials. The Americana has a very cool checkerboard design. Below is another example from my collection - a 6 transistor Comet 660.
Luxury Gold Tone Large Flower Performance Mask
Luxury Gold Tone Large Flower Performance Mask
This item features a large yellow flower and gold plated mask. The mask is really reflective that you can even see your own reflection of your own. The fabric of the mask border is also dainty and you will find it more gorgeous with the fabric border.

gold tone gt 750
gold tone gt 750
Gold Tone CC-100R Cripple Creek Banjo with Resonator (Five String, Clear Maple)
Not quite sure where to start when wanting to learn the banjo? Here it is… Never before has an entry level banjo included the features and tone of our Cripple Creek 100 with Resonator (CC-100R). Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you’ll find that this model has "more bang for the buck". Over 7,000 Cripple Creeks have been sold in the last 12 years, and have proven by far to be the best student banjo for tone and playability in its price range. With a complete setup here at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, they are durable, have low string action and are a pleasure to play. The CC-100R model features a hard maple neck, rim, and convertible resonator, black binding on the neck and resonator, dual coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Straightline tailpiece, brass tone ring, 2-way adjustable truss rod, and low string action for the beginning banjoist. The CC-100R includes a resonator for increased tone and volume when playing bluegrass-style and easily converts to an open back banjo to be played clawhammer-style. This model has helped to start thousands and thousands of people on banjo… Start your venture today with a Cripple Creek!

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