A Competition and Tournament in the style of King Rene of Anjou. Held in the Canton of Blachemere, Lands of the Great Barony of Nordskogen held and seated in the Greatest Kingdom of Northshield.

    "Marshal of arms, take this sword and go to my cousin  Count of Northshield Sir Thomas Tinntinnabulum in the Canton of Blachemere and tell him for me that on account of his great personal courage, valor, and chivalry, I have sent him this sword to signify that I wish to hold a tourney and bouhort of arms against him, in the presence of ladies and damsels, and many others, on the day and time named, and in a place suitable and convenient for this. And for this tourney I suggest four marshals, chosen from eight marshals, that is to say so and so for marshals chosen by me  Baron Frederick de Fulbert, and so and so for marshals chosen by his Excellency Sir Tom Tinntinnabulum; these marshals will arrange the time and place and prepare the lists."


Dates:  June 5th-8th

Location:  BellRinger Estates

19848 East Bethel Blvd NE East Bethel MN 55011       <<<< Click for Map

           (Sir Thomas Tinntinnabulum's residence)

Site:   Opens on Friday, August 21st  2015 at 10:00am

           Closes on Sunday,August 23rd 2015 at 12:00 noon


Site Fees:

Adults $15          (+ applicable NMS)
Students w/ ID $7        (+ applicable NMS)
Minor $5       
(+ applicable NMS)

Kids under 5 free.   :)

Family Cap $35       (+ applicable NMS)

Non-Member Surcharge $5

(Make checks out to: The Canton of Blachemere)

Site is handicapped accessible. However ground is very sandy.

Feast Fee:                                              Feast Menu Click Here

               $15 per person

                 Kids under 5 (Lapsitters) free.

 SITE and FEAST Registration Click Here

Head Cook :

          Lord Lucius Larsius Pavo

          Modern Name: Bryan Peterson


Steward :

Baron Frederick de Fulbert
Modern Name: Warren Barrows
Email:  Barrows.Pronto@gmail.com