"Marshal of arms, take this sword and go to Prince Hrodir  in the Shire of Korsvag and tell him for me that on account of his great personal courage, valor, and chivalry, I have sent him this sword to signify that I wish to hold a tourney and bouhort of arms In the Canton of Nordleigh, in the presence of ladies and damsels, and many others, on the day and time named, and in a place suitable and convenient for this. And for this tourney I suggest four marshals, chosen from eight marshals, that is to say so and so for marshals chosen by me  Lord James Helmsmith, That they may come to the Lands of the One Saint and fight for there Ladies and Men in fun and love."

A Competition and Tournament in the style of King Rene of Anjou. Held in the Canton of Nordleigh. Hosted by the Canton of Nordleigh and the Canton of Blachemere, in Lands of the Great Barony of Nordskogen held and seated in the Greatest Kingdom of Northshield.


Start Date: 8/19/2016 Thru End Date: 8/21/2016   A.S. 51

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Archery , Cooking, Rapier Combat , Camping , Cut and Thrust Combat ,

Site:     Mason Poussard
            10922 E. 270th St. Elko,MN

Directions and Site Map

Site will open on Friday, Aug. 19th 2016 at 4 pm

Saturday Gate opens at 9 am.

Site will close on Sunday, Aug. 21st 2016 at 12:00 noon

Site Fees:

  • Adults $20
  • Adults w/ Membership $15
  • Students w/ ID $7       
  • Minor $5       
  • Kids under 5 free.  
  • Family Cap $45
  • Family Cap $35 w/two adult  Membership Discounts 
  • Family Cap is Two Adults and Two Minors+       

(Make checks out to: The Canton of Blachemere)

Site is outdoors on uneven ground, so plan for shade, bug spray, a chair and anything else to make yourself comfortable. There is potable water on site and biffys. Camping is available and is covered under the site fee. Site is wet!

The format for this Pas de Armes is very fluid there is really no way to set a schedule based on  specific times.There will be a lot of things going on throughout the day that may lengthen the schedule or shorten it.
Please pay heed the Heralds as they will announce all changes and times.

Event Steward: Lord James Helmsmith (mka JamesEcoff)

Email: whatwasjimthinking AT yahoo DOT com