Welcome to Ms. Skiff's BKW Art Classes Website. Below you'll find announcements for the Elementary K-6, Middle School 7th grade and the High School Foundations Class.

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Classes meet for 43 minutes, once every 6 days for the duration of the school year.

Students are presently being assessed on their current knowledge of art materials (media) and the ways different materials are used to express original ideas.

A new medium - ipads - will be used in art classes this year. 
Middle School

Classes meet every day for @ 10 weeks.

The 7th grade classes are just beginning a project about their favorite activity. They will explore their topic using a different 'element of art' and 'principle of design' as a focus for three different projects.
High School

Classes meet every day for @20 weeks.

Students will be using technology in the form of digital cameras, iphones and ipads (all are available in class) to gather resources for their projects. Digital resources and projects will be sent to bkwskiff@gmail.com

The Foundations class projects are centered on real life skills and applications. Each student will be involved in the refurbishing of discarded furniture. Previous projects may be viewed by clicking on the Foundations link below.

SOLD furniture has been marked,