Bartosz Kosarzycki About Me

Bartosz Kosarzycki About Me 


I'm an Android/Java at Forcom sp. z o.o. in Poznań, Poland. 

I've graduated from the University of Technology in Poznań (Poland).  

Faculty of Computer Science, major: Computer Science, specialty: Intelligent Decision Support

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 September 2013 - PresentForcom Sp. z o.o.Android/Java Programmer

Technologies: Android 4.0+, RoboJuice, AndroidAnnotations, Simpleframework XML, ORMLite, Google Guava, Maven 3.0, ddms, scaloid, proguard
Java, Scala, AKKA framework, spray on AKKA, Vaadin 7.1, Glassfish, Tomcat 7, Java EE, Spring framework, EclipseLink
IntelliJ, Oracle, Postgresql, Mysql, VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, QEUMU
WebDesign: ruby, rubygems, rails, haml, awestruct, bootstrap-sass, erb, compass recipies
 August 2011 - September 2013Forcom Sp. z o.o.C#/.NET/Silverlight Programmer

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a web framework used for hardware state/fault monitoring, application versioning and installation, as well as management of configurations for large blocks of devices.

I was also involved in the design and implementation of a warehouse management and purchase order software for one of the biggest retail chains in France.

Technologies: PRISM, Autofac, Fluent NHibernate, WCF, REST, ReSharper, Quartz, MigraDoc (PdfSharp), PostSharp, MONO, DevExpress controls for Silverlight, StatLight, DevArt, Postgresql, Oracle

 June 2007 - July 2011Forcom Sp. z o.o.Automated Tests Programmer

I designed, implemented and maintained a comprehensive, automated system for testing applications written in C++, C#/.NET. As part of this system I implemented a portal written in PHP for controlling, cloning and maintenance of virtual machines, running automated tests and displaying its results.

Technologies: PHP, BTRFS, VBox & Oracle VSphere, Adobe Flex, SmartBear Test Complete

 June 2008 - June 2011Poznań University
of Technology
Java Programmer 

Research and development in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) project. 
Research field OB7Service Execution Management System for SOA systems,

I implemented a set of independent modules communicating with one another via REST based services. The purpose of the system was to monitor hardware parameters, inform of failures, backup data and restore previous system state in case of malfunction.
 January 2009 - June 2012 Plus Sp. z o.o. C# developer – ePUAP project – I was integrating Voivodship offices' system of document exchange in Greater Poland with the country's electronic platform of public administration services (ePUAP) i.e. I designed, implemented and maintained a broker for communicating with ePUAP to download documents and put them in document exchange service named eSOS,

Technologies: SOAP with WebSecurity2, MySQL, NHibernate

CAE - Certificate in Advanced English
University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations2005

My Master's thesis on Bayesian networks:

Master's thesis Bartosz Kosarzycki - Diagnosis tool using Bayesian Networks

(mirror: Master's thesis Bartosz Kosarzycki - Diagnosis tool using Bayesian Networks)

My B.Sc. thesis on SOA(Service Oriented Architecture)

Praca_inżynierska (Service Execution Management System for SOA)
SOA  Thesis (Project Description)  SOA M3 Project (SOA M3: Metrics, Monitoring, Management)

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