Welcome Parents!

The PTO is made up of parents, staff, and community members of Brooklyn Elementary.  All time and efforts are 100% volunteer.  Anyone can become a member at any time. 

We do many things for our school and community. We support family involvement by hosting dances, Share Fair, educational assemblies, and the end of the school year Picnic on the Playground. We show staff appreciation by coordinating dinners on teacher conference nights, and serving breakfast and lunches on Teacher Appreciation Week. Our dedication to our community is shown by organizing food drives, participating in Operation Joy and supporting our amazing school program PAWS.

Our efforts make it possible to buy things or services that our school’s budget would not allow.  With our fundraising, we have been able to contribute to great things at Brooklyn Elementary:
  • Gifts to Teachers and Classrooms from the PTO include smart boards,  classroom libraries for all level readers, rocking chairs, bean bags, IPads, games, and many, many, more things.  Teachers can "wish" for items to use where they have a need in their classroom.  Most "wishes" are granted to the teachers.  This is fun!
  • Gifts to the School from the PTO include new playground equipment, Alpha Smart keyboards, classroom sound systems, a climbing wall, a popcorn machine, risers for the music room and more!
  • Safety Camp receives an annual donation from the PTO.  It's a fun way for the kids to start out their summer - safely!
No donation or fundraising order is ever too small!  We can all make a difference, one cent or one minute at a time.