We have established long-term, reliable fundraisers that have received excellent support.  We hope you will help us continue them by participating in them and helping on committees.  Our successful fundraising program enables us to offer many special enrichment activities for students, plus some that are just plain fun!  

Brooklyn Elementary School has been recognized by several national and state organizations for the efforts made by its staff and volunteers to create a healthy, green community.  As such, our PTO, in support of these initiatives, has decided to move away from the traditional food selling fundraisers.  Instead, we are beginning to seek ways to fundraise that strengthen the goals of the school.  We are excited about some new opportunities that we can share with our school community, and hope to continue to receive the amazing support we always have from our families.  The Brooklyn Elementary PTO could not do as much as we do without your support.  Thanks you!

Fundraising Totals from 2015-2016:
  • Bucky Books - $4,000
  • Square One Art - $2,300
  • Bobcat Apparel (Spirit Wear)
  • Book Fair
  • Beat the Winter Blues Fest - $3,400
  • Wisconsin Winter Plunge - $2,870 for BKE, $4,120 overall
  • School Supply Kits, $300
  • Name Bubbles - NEW this year!
  • Lids and Labels - $7,200 (total does not include summer submissions)
If you would like to find out more information about each of our fundraisers, please see below.  
Non-Selling Fundraisers:
  • Lids 'N Labels  All year we collect lids and labels from certain products and turn them in to various companies for cash!  This program bring big dollars back to our school!
    • Box Tops Fourth graders at Brooklyn trim and turn in these labels.  It is a rewarding opportunity for them to see how much money can be earned through this program.
    • Labels for Education: Collect UPCs and caps from qualifying products, turn those in to the bins near the office.  Our wonderful 4th grade students, clip, tally & organize the labels that are turned into the organization.  You may know this as Campbell's Soup Labels.  Supplement the school's earnings by completing bonus offers.  Check our the website below for more information.  
    • My Coke Rewards: Bring in the twist-off caps or the points printed on the inside of the 12-pack, 20-packs & 24-pack.  We will enter them into the website, and we can get free items for our school like educational aids, sports, equipment & books.
    • Milk Caps: Send in clean & dry milk caps from participating milk containers.  BKE earns 5 cents from each cap. Some of the companies that give to the program include Kwik Trip, Land o' Lakes & Prairie Farms.  
    • Bills Food Center Save and turn in your receipt to the collection box in the lobby.  A PTO member tallies dollars spent and Bills cuts back a 10% of sales check to our school.
    • Oregon Hometown Pharmacy  Caps - Bring in your clean pharmacy caps to BKE or drop them off at the pharmacy buckets.  
  • Wisconsin Winter Plunge The date for 2017 is February 25th!  We have a back-up date of March 4th.  Fundraising has not started yet.  Stay tuned for wacky good fun.  
Traditional Fundraisers:
  • Bucky Books This is a book of coupons and discounts from local businesses, plus some in WI and the nation.  The school receives a bonus check based on how many books we sell, and we have had great success with it.  The committee coordinates the publicity, collects and tallies the checks and leftover books.
  • Spirit Wear Each year the PTO offers the purchase of Brooklyn Bobcat spirit wear.   The official mascot of Brooklyn Elementary is the bobcat, and our official colors are kelly green and white.  Spirit Packs are available to order online from Badger Sporting Goods during designated times throughout the year, typically fall and spring.  Check out our News & Announcements section for more information as the sales happen.  Go Bobcats!
  • Square One Art  Your student will create a piece of artwork in their art class in either September or October.  It is then sent to Square One Art and made into products that can purchased.  We receive the completed art projects in time for the holidays.  The items include treasure boxes, mugs, framed artwork, and much more!  The committee coordinates the project with the art teacher, and organizes the sale and distribution of the purchased items.
  • Book Fair  Each year in Brooklyn Elementary hosts a Scholastic book fair during our Fall & Spring Parent Teacher Conferences.  Our school receives money and/or credit in books (for the library).  This committee coordinates book fair volunteers, sets up/takes down in the gym, and tallies the money. 
  • School Supply Kits  Boxes are filled with everything your child needs to start the school year.  The teachers provide the committee with their school supply list.  In May, we organize the sale, the company fills the boxes, and the kit is mailed directly to your home.
  • NOTE: TARGET HAS CEASED THE PROGRAM - Take Charge for Education ended Summer 2016.  Target Red Card (Take Charge for Education): Use your Target Red Card (debit or credit) to earn money for our school.  Simply designate Brooklyn Elementary as your school.  You will need to login to your Red Card to designate BKE.  Our last donation received in February 2015 was $1,117.52.  Since the program began, BKE has received, $14,754.60.