"Amazing breadth of knowledge & meticulous editor... Dr. Blair Kenney, thank you so much. I learned more from your edit than I could have imagined. It was a terrific experience. I did not know what to expect, but you let me be me, only better! Your notes helped me get focused, and my writing is both tighter and better. I was impressed with how you called me after my initial email contact. The personal touch makes all the difference. Thank you for accommodating my abbreviated schedule, and I look forward to working on the next project with you. I am entirely pleased with our relationship and proud to say that you are my editor.” --Stan Kazwell Jr., Port Charlotte, FL.

“One thing I am sure of is that your work will pay me big dividends. I marvel at the critique. It is a veritable writer’s handbook, but written specifically for me. I’m amazed at how unbelievably thorough your editing job is.” --D. K., Philadelphia, PA

“You really put a lot of work into correcting my short story. I have read your fifteen pages of ‘critiquing’ twice and the corrections in my book over and over. Your suggestions are great.” --C. B., California

“Blair Kenney’s critique of my book focused on my writing strengths and weaknesses 100%. Her instruction and guidance proved invaluable. She was more than a hired gun--she was a mentor.” --D. W., Clinton, NY

“Thank you again for your expert skills in creating a product that my agent says is perfect.” --
A.D., Tallahassee, FL

“Blair, thanks much for your honest statement re your lack of a good ‘fit’ for this project--a sign of a true professional.” --J. B., New Jersey

“Dr. Blair Kenney, my editor, you are truly a miracle worker.” --J. P., New York State

“I appreciated your editorial services very much. 
(1) You made critical and extensive cuts to an ill-formatted manuscript
(2) You found the story through all the falderal.
(3) You communicated clearly and courteously why the extensive edits were necessary.
(4) You never “hijacked” the story with heavy rewriting (which you could have done with grace).
(5) You encouraged the author to believe she had a story worth self-publishing.
(6) You maintained a cordial, encouraging relationship after the work’s publication.” --J. H., Lexington, KY