These days, many manuscripts fall outside of the traditional “Genres,” as you can see from the list of some of the books I have edited. I edit Christian manuscripts. I edit many kinds of novels, including Young Adult, as long as I have enough expertise in the subject of your novel to understand what it is about. For example, I do not edit novels dealing with nuclear science or higher mathematics.


I am happy to edit memoirs, like Garnet Ring, and non-fiction books about subjects I am familiar with.

I do not edit horror novels any longer, because they give me nightmares, but I do edit gritty crime novels, like The Projects. I do not work with poems, plays, film scripts, or stories for young children. 


In your email inquiry please include information on the subject of your manuscript as well as the word count. If you can’t figure out the word count, tell me the number of pages in your manuscript.