Welcome to Bohm-Jung Yang's Research Group webpage!!

Our group is in Department of Physics and Astronomy of Seoul National University (SNU)

Strongly correlated electron systems in condensed matter physics are the primary interest on research. We are concentrating on investigating topological semimetals (Weyl and Dirac semimetal) and superconductors by using various theoretical methods, including tight-binding model, mean-field theory, crystalline symmetries, quantum field theory, renormalization group, etc.

Please check our research & publications page, then you can find the details of our research projects.

In Jun. 2018, we have total 8 incumbent researchers, including two postdoctoral researcher(Dr. Junwon Rhim, Dr. Jin-hong Park), and 6 Ph.D. candidates (Junyeong Ahn, Sungjoon Park, Yoonsuk Hwang, Taekoo Oh, Eunwoo Lee, Seunghun Lee).