Heisler's Creative Stitchery - 2007 - 2008

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 I decided not to add any more to this site. I did start another one elsewhere but I decided not to keep that one going. Instead I'm just going to work on my blog and Facebook pages. Find me at facebook under BJ Heisler and Heisler's Creative Stitchery.


The picture above is of a ghost bride I made in the fall of 2007. She's my favorite doll.  I love her spider web bodice with a spider crawling on her shoulder, the falling apart bouquet and clothing, and the chains. In 2008 I made a Regina #2 and she is also sold. Look for Regina #3. She has red hair and is not as tattered.


 My web site, www.heislerscreativestitchery.com is at  webs.com and tripod  so if one has used it's bandwidth there will be a second. Click on either link on the opening page.


A Big Note About the Ebay Store----------------------

The store closed because of high fees. I will be listing dolls as auctions now. Just search using my ebay id, creativestitches. I won't be selling tatting supplies there because of the fees. Go to my etsy store instead! I will sell my doll and tatting patterns there. If you want the PDF version or a printed one I cn put up a listing for you if you contact me.

You can get all of my patterns at Pattermart and some at Etsy (1creativestitches). Not all of the patterns are up at Etsy. If you want a printed version please contact me with a convo thru Etsy.


 The link to Halloween Artists is another great place to see not only my work but other artists that love Halloween.


I'm a member of these eBay Groups:

Halloween Artists 31(HA31)

Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists 2 (SEHA2)

Type the initials into the ebay search box to find a lot of great items by talented artists.