Russian Mosin Nagant M44



in 1891, the Russian army adopted the first Mosin Nagant rifle: The M1891.  It was a compilation of designs from a pair of Belgian brothers named Nagant and a Russian artillery captain named Mosin.  It was a very simple and rugged bolt action rifle that featured a straight bolt handle.  The single stack magazine, which protruded below the stock, held 5 rounds of the then new 7.62x54r cartridge.  This was a rimmed round with an approximately .30 caliber bullet.  Its ballistics are similar to .303 British and .308 Winchester.  The M1891 was a very long rifle at 51.25".  Over the years, new and shorter versions built on the exact same action were introduced.  Finally, in 1944, the Soviets adopted the M44.  This carbine was shorter than the original M1891 by almost a foot.  Like previous models, its action was identical to the original, but this model featured a permanently attached spike bayonet.  The bayonet was mounted at the end of the barrel, near the muzzle.  When not in use, it could fold back along the side of the rifle.  The M44 did not see much use in WWII because of its late appearance, and it was one of the last Mosin Nagant models to be adopted by the Soviet Union.  It was manufactured until 1948.

My Rifle

This rifle actually belongs to my brother.  He received it for Christmas in 2006.  It was purchased from the online dealer Inter Ordnance.  It was manufactured in 1945 by the Izhevsk arsenal in Russia and is in almost new condition with a perfect bore.  It was probably refurbed at one point.  It shoots surplus ammo decently considering the horrible trigger pull.  It is a very fun, hard kicking rifle to shoot.  At the cheap prices that these fetch and the low cost of ammo, they're hard to stay away from!

M44 Specifications

  • Caliber: 7.62x54r
  • Length: 40.16 inches
  • Weight unloaded: 8lb 9oz
  • Barrel length: 20.35 inches
  • Magazine: five round integral
  • Type: bolt action


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