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Smart Sheet Review

I recently discovered an app on my iPhone device called Smart Sheet. The app is free and appears to be well designed at first glance. The first thing I noticed when launching the app was the fact that I cannot use the app unless I create an account. At first, this seemed logical, until I was greeted with a bizarre notification; "If you do not have an account, sign up using a standard desktop browser." If I can log in through the app, why can't I create an account?

After going through the somewhat arduous effort of creating an account on my computer, I was finally able to start using the app so I can review it. The app did what it was meant to do for the most part, but the file organization stem was somewhat messy.

The web app's design is simple and elegant and works as advertised, I would recommend it to anyone who likes programs such as Microsoft Project. However, the iPhone app is sub-par, with many poor choices in design. On mobile devices, users would be better off using Microsoft's Excel app or even Google Docs.

Conclusion: Although it's well designed, why use it when you can use Excel and get 7gb of file storage for free at