Bjørn Olav Johansen

+47 930 52 415


Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Bergen, Norway (my UoB webpage), and also an associate of Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE).

My research


"Resale price maintenance with secret contracts and retail service externalities," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017, 9(1): 63-97, with Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen.

"The Economics of Retailing Formats: Competition Versus Bargaining," The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2016, 64(1): 109-134, with Tore Nilssen.

"Buyer Power and Exclusion in Vertically Related Markets," International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2015, 38: 1-18, with Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen.

Working papers

"Platform Price Parity Clauses with Direct Sales," Working Papers in Economics 01/17, University of Bergen, with Thibaud Vergé.

"Resale Price Maintenance in Two-Sided Markets," (new version) Working Papers in Economics 08/15, University of Bergen, with Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Teis L. Lømo.

"The Buyer Power of Multiproduct Retailers: Competition with One-Stop Shopping,"  Working Papers in Economics 03/12, University of Bergen.

"Private labels, Rent Shifting and Consumer Welfare," Working Papers in Economics 02/12, University of Bergen.

"Exclusivity and Bidding for Premium Broadcasting Rights," Working Papers in Economics 08/08, University of Bergen, with Eirik N. Christensen.

Work in progress

"Exclusive Dealing and Relationship Specific Investments: Why the form of contracts matters," with Joao Montez.

"Upward Pricing Pressure in Two-Sided Markets: Incorporating Feedback Effects," with Andreea Cosnita-Langlais and Lars Sørgard.

"Category Captainship," with Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Greg Shaffer.

"Slotting Allowances and Retailers' Incentives," with Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Greg Shaffer.

"Minimum Resale Price Maintenance: A pro-competitive story"