The Practice

After thirty three years as a practising attorney in positions ranging from partner to director and associate, Bev Nicholson established his own practice in 2011. His aim is to provide an efficient and cost effective service to colleagues both locally and outside of Pietermartizburg. He also currently acts as a local agent for legal firms in Newcastle, Durban, Hillcrest, Pretoria and Cape Town. 

The primary focus of the practice is litigation both in the High Court and Magistrate's Court in Pietermaritzburg and with his extensive knowledge of local practice, Bev can assist with running cases in both courts. He also has experience in winding up deceased estates and can assist in this regard as well as with queries and follow-ups in that office.

Fees are generally charged on prevailing tariffs (where applicable) and where there is likely to be a high volume of work, fee arrangements can be considered in the appropriate circumstances.

Please visit the Contact page for any questions or enquiries.